The 2-Minute Rule for facebook διαχειριση διαφημισεων

"Το Κράτος δεν πρόκειται να καταργηθεί ως θεσμός απότομα και θα αντικατασταθεί με μια παρθενογένεση της Κοινωνίας του μέλλοντος εαν δεν βρεθούν οι καλύτεροι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες που θα το αντικαταστήσουν.

When even the anarchist friends of your folks underneath demo deserted them the individuals from Cyprus Indymedia kept helping, stored combating and sooner or later assisted retaining folks from jail.

για τα indymedia ως μέσα είπα την γνώμη και δεν χρειάζεται να την επαναλάβω

πότε θα αρχίσει η αναζήτηση αυτών των θεσμών και λειτουργιών;

The varied threats to our safety and security along with the consistent attempts to disrupt our do the job by regime collaborators and provocateurs (posing as "anarchists") have not succeeded in lowering our community do the job, our attempts, or our commitment. But they had been The rationale why we modified the "open up Conference" plan to something that will work improved:

Just to make certain it was referring to exactly the same classification, we bought two extra adverts using the term “Jew hater” together with other terms. The two times, Facebook altered the advertisement targeting category “Jew hater” to “Antisemityzm” in its approval.

VERIFICADO I need artwork for any card video game I'm creating. The card video game is based off Greek mythology, meaning I will likely be looking for authentic artwork of varied Greek gods, titans, and also other mythological items.

μάλλον έπρεπε να γράψεις ότι δεν θέλουμε άλλους ρατσιστές και φαλοκράτες γιατί εμείς φτάνουμε. Αν δεν είναι σεξισμός και ρατσισμός να γράφεις άρθρα για να χτυπήσεις πολιτικούς σου αντίπαλους βγάζοντας στη φόρα τις σεξουαλικές του σχέσεις αλλά και τις κοινωνικές τότε τί είναι;

Participar agora Open up cart Webservices three dias still left I would like you to definitely plan some webservices for opencart so it can deliver the order...webservices for opencart so it's going to ship the orders to an ERP . The webservices that i want to be made have some specifications , that i consist of within a file.

These values kind our deal Using the Group. We operate with transparency and openness to the community in all of our features, and that is The main reason why so Many of us support what we do and get involved in our routines.

Εκτιμώ αφάνταστα την παρουσία σου μέσα στους κόλπους της εναλλακτικής κοινότητας και τις ατέλειωτες ώρες ανιδιοτελούς εργασίας που έχεις παρέχει σε πολλά και ποικίλα επίπεδα. Ήταν μεγάλη μου χαρά η συνεργασία μαζί σου εδώ:

In reality there isn't any open publishing considering the fact that there is absolutely no open democratic assembly of activists and political individuals that contribute in cyprus IMC. Cyprus IMC is managed by little non-public team of individuals.

Investigating Algorithmic Injustice Choose to sector Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for just a significantly-suitable rally? Facebook’s self-support advert-buying System experienced the best viewers for you. Until finally this week, once we asked Facebook about this, the globe’s most significant social network enabled advertisers to immediate their pitches to the information feeds of almost two,three hundred individuals that expressed curiosity read more inside the matters of “Jew hater,” “How to burn up jews,” or, “Heritage of ‘why jews damage the globe.’”

προφανώς αυτή είναι η τακτική σας δαμέσαδα οι απολιτικες προσωπικές επιθέσεις

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